Our Standard Service

When you sign a standard cleaning service agreement with J and P Cleaning Services, this is what you can expect us to do for you:

  • Thoroughly dust all horizontal surfaces of showroom products, furniture and fixtures, including desks, computer monitors, tables, file cabinets, windowsills, and wall hangings
  • Dust "high" spots too: tops of doors, partitions, cubicles, woodwork, and air vents
  • Spot-clean horizontal surfaces for removal of spillage, marks and coffee rings
    If your people gather everything on their desk into the center (or leave the desktop empty) we will dust and polish the desktop, too
  • Empty all trash receptacles/paper recycling and remove to a central collection point
  • Clean fingerprints and smudges from entrance glass and entry door
  • Vacuum all carpeted areas wall to wall
  • Vacuum carpet carpet edges and corners along walls and partitions
  • Clean spots/smudges from walls
  • Wipe clean and disinfect all telephone receivers and dust the bases
  • Thoroughly mop all hard surface floors with neutral floor cleaner
  • Clean and sanitize drinking fountain
  • Police entry area, sweep or vacuum entry area and entrance matting
  • Wipe down vinyl and leather office furniture
  • Perform quality control review and secure building per customer requirements


  • Clean and sanitize the outside of trash receptacles and dispensers
  • Empty trash receptacles and wash, if necessary
  • Disinfect door handles, partition handles and light switches
  • Clean and disinfect sinks, toilets, urinals and toilet seats
  • Polish all dispensers, mirrors and bright work
  • Dust tops of doors, partitions, mirrors, air vents
  • Clean and sanitize restroom partition and walls around toilets
  • Sweep and mop restroom floors using neutral disinfecting floor cleaner
  • Restock all paper products and hand soap


J and P Cleaning Services will provide all chemicals, equipment, labor and supervision.
“Client” will provide all restroom paper products, hand soap, and trashcan liners.

Optional Services

J and P Cleaning Services can also manage other parts of your office and grounds:

  • Clean outside windows
  • Maintain parking lots or building grounds
  • Clean with pressure washer machine (roof, sidewalk)
  • Landscaping: Lawns, flower beds, hedge trimming, small tree pruning and planting


Please let us give you a quote! Our prices are reasonable, and we will adjust the frequency of our excellent cleaning services to fit your budget and janitorial needs.


If you're wondering what Jose and his team can do for you, please send us an email:

Please contact me about your cleaning services

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